Origins Features


Although considerably redesigned, this section should nevertheless be familiar to long time users of Origins as what used to be known as the “Bulletins” section of the site. Here users can gain complete access to all Local Area Labor Force Studies, the cooperative research effort between CEMR, the Oklahoma Department of Commerce and communities from across Oklahoma. These reports analyze the availability of labor in local areas with particular focus given to identifying and profiling the underemployed.

An online version of the Oklahoma Business Bulletin, a quarterly economic journal of analysis and research published by CEMR is also available as well as a selection of economic impact studies conducted by the Center, Oklahoma 2000, the 2000 Oklahoma Economic Outlook and a selection of reports published by the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, Oklahoma State University.

Search Option

This new feature allows the Origins  user to search the entire site using a few words or phrases. To conduct a search, simply type in a word or phrase in the search box located in the upper right hand corner of each page as shown in Figure 1. Next, select the "go" button or press the “enter” key on your keyboard and you will bring up a list of resource records that contain your search terms.

Figure 1. Search Option

Summary information from the search request is provided first at the top of the page listing both the total number of pages and the total number of resources matching the search terms.

Figure 2 illustrates the specific information presented for each matching record. Listed first is the hyperlink to the resource. Simply click on this link to bring up the resource. Next, the address or URL of the resource is listed for reference followed by a brief description of the contents of the resource. Finally, the date of the last resource is provided.

Figure 2. Search Results

Site Map

This feature serves as an index of and direct access to, all ORIGINS databases, reports and economic summaries. For new users, this feature provides a convenient means to become familiar with the overall content of the site. For those who are already familiar with the site, the map provides an avenue of rapid means of access to all sections of the site.